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Kanda Tea

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Tea is the most consumed and also one of the most popular beverages in the world. In India also tea is the most loved beverage and is the necessity of every Indian household. The efforts of these tea plantations of the top tea producing states make it possible to victual to the needs of the in-house customers but also makes it available for exporting . Thus, making India the second-largest tea producer in the world. Different varieties, aromas and blends are available to serve every need of the tea connoisseur.

The story of Kanda Tea begins in the mid-1980s. The owner of the company Mr. Anil Kumar Syngal formerly did his family business of a Kiryana store in the small town of Punjab named Jagraon. He then steadily found his love in tea in 1977 and he learned and understood about tea. Right from the first step till the last step i.e. tasting, processing, blending, packaging, marketing etc. He came across the name of this brand and vision - QUALITY not QUANTITY.
He built a strong dispensation network from a small town Jagraon to entire Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh with his hard work.
Our dispensation network is like a family bonding.
In 1996 Kanda Tea launched its further products like SWAD Tea and later Champion Gold Tea, Kanda Roz Roz Tea and Kanda Green Tea and many more*

Kanda tea is the most renowned product in market because of its quality.
Kanda Tea is the perfect blend of selected Darjeeling Tea, Upper Assam and fine Dooars Tea.The process of choosing the perfect tea leaves for the final packaging is very distinctive.

People know the brand for its quality as well as its outstanding taste and aroma.

The journey of Kanda Tea started with ₹25K and now it has reached about ₹80 Million.

Kanda Tea was accredited with the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 certification for its religiously maintained quality standards.

Kanda Tea assures the betterment of its product by enhancing its aroma and quality and will also provide a long term services to its consumers.

Whenever you need a cup of tea, Go & Get KANDA TEA ☕